Before you go deeper with Qase, it is a good idea to set up your workspace first. To do that, click your user icon in the top-right corner of the workspace to see the following options:


Choose between various coloring themes available, as well as pick the size of your workspace:

API Tokens

Set up access to Qase for your application via API:


In the Profile Settings, you can:

  1. Upload your user picture.

  2. Change how your name appears in the Qase account.

  3. Let others know what your position title is.

  4. Set the timezone to your actual location, so that the timestamps across the account are displayed correctly.

  5. Change the password.

  6. Update newsletter notification settings.

If you have Single Sign-On enabled in the account, your name will be provided by the Identity Provider, so you will be able to only change your user picture and notification settings:


Here you can learn more about Qase with the help of our knowledge base:

API Docs

We provide full documentation on Qase REST API; in this section, you can find a detailed explanation of all entities and methods available to you.


We love keeping you in the know about where Qase goes next! In the Roadmap -, you can check out what's coming up, what we are working on right this moment, and what has been delivered - and of course, you are most welcome to suggest your own ideas and feature requests and report bugs here.


Check the current status of Qase systems to make sure that everything's up and running and no issues with availability are present.

Sign Out

When the work's done for the day, sign out of your account :)

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