Scenario: you have created an account to give Qase a try using your personal email address, but later your company decides to start using it and you want to preserve work already done and to keep using the same workspace - but to log in with your corporate email address. What are the steps?

In Qase, you can't simply change an email address associated with your workspace, so if you want to use your corporate email instead of your personal one, do the following:

  1. Invite your corporate email as a new user in Workspace. Please refer to the invites article should you need instructions to create an invite.

  2. Once you’ve accepted your invitation from the corporate email, log out of Qase

  3. Sign back in with your personal email - as it currently is the owner of the account, grant the ownership of the account to your newly registered user with corporate email address

  4. Once the ownership has been transferred to the corporate email, sign in with the corporate email, and deactivate your personal email account

  5. Now you can use your corporate email to log in and use Qase

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