To provide your teammates with additional context, you can attach various files in Qase. In fact, there are several entities and places in Qase where attachments can be added.

Note: A single attachment cannot exceed 32 MB.


You can attach files to

  • A Test Case (new or already existing)

  • An existing Test Case Review and Steps-to-reproduce of such Test Case (if any attachments were added upon initial configuration of a Test Case before sending to review, such attachments would be automatically added to a review as well)

  • A Regular Step of a Test Case (at the moment when creating it, or at a later point)

  • An already existing Defect

  • A Test's Step-to-reproduce Run Result

  • A Test Case Run Result - IMPORTANT: if you attach a file here and opt to create a new Defect, an attachment will automatically get filed for a defect as well.

  • You can also add attachments for comments that you leave on Test Cases, Reviews, and Defects.

    • Test Case:

    • Reviews:

    • Defects:

Workspace Management: Attachments

Attachments in Workspace Management provide you with a full overview of the files that have been uploaded and attached to Qase so far. Since the storage space for attachments is limited (500 Mb for Free plan, 250 Gb for Startup plan, and unlimited storage for Business and Enterprise plans), it is useful to understand how much of it has been utilized and free up some of that space upon necessity.

If you’re on the free or startup plans and you’d like to understand exactly how much storage space your attachments are consuming, you can find out by clicking on the Attachments option available in the Workspace.

The doughnut chart depicted in the screenshot above depicts the used vs free space. Next to it, you’ll see the space used and the space remaining. You can also search for the attachments by using the search bar.

If you would like to delete an attachment, you can click on the three-dots menu and click “Delete”:

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