Group is a way to categorize your account users by the team they belong to, responsibilities, or team lead - in other words, by any arbitrary characteristic that you deem important.

Create a new user group

To create a new User Group, click "Groups" in the Workspace Management left-hand bar and then hit "Create a new group."

In the creation menu, give your new User Group a title and a description - both fields are mandatory, hit "Create" when ready:

After a User Group has been created, you will see it in the groups' list, together with its description and members' number. Under the three-dots menu button, you can View, Edit, or Delete a user group:

  • In "View," you can get more details about the members of User Group, add new members to a User Group, or delete those who should no longer be in it:

  • In "Edit," you can go back to adjusting a User Group's title and description

  • "Delete" removes the User Group, but it does not delete or deactivate any users that were a part of it. However, when you attempt to delete a User Group, you will be suggested to move all of its current members into a different User Group (if you have more than one). Alternatively, you can "Do Nothing" and go ahead with deletion:


Once you’ve created a user group, you can use it while creating a new project to grant access to a specific group.

While creating a project, you will see the option to “add members from a specific group”. Once you select this option, you will see a dropdown list of the groups you’ve created. Select the one you would like to add to this project and proceed further.

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