Attachments in Workspace Management provide you with a full overview of the files that have been uploaded and attached to Qase so far. Since the storage space for attachments is limited (500 Mb for the Free plan, 250 Gb for the Startup plan, and unlimited storage space for Business and Enterprise plans), it is useful to understand how much of it has been utilized and free up some of that space upon necessity.

In the Attachments section, you will see a graph showing how much space you have used up so far out of the total available to you:

Below the summary, there is a list of all files that have been attached, featuring the following details:

  • Filename:

  • A timestamp of upload and uploader name:

  • File MIME-type:

  • A Qase project, to which a file has been attached (it is a link you can navigate directly to):

  • Size of the file:


Any file can be deleted from a "..." menu to the right, thus freeing up available space; the files are deleted permanently without any option to restore them at a later point:

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