⚠️Queries are available in Business and Enterprise subscriptions

Qase Query Language is the analytical tool that allows you to perform custom requests directly to the database and fetch precise sets of information.

Saved Queries allow you to save your frequently used queries for quick access in the future.

It works as easily as it sounds:

  • once you perform a request in the Queries section, you may opt to save this request for future use:

  • Whenever you need to search data with the same parameters, you can navigate to Saved Queries area and perform the request you've saved before:

  • When you launch a Saved Query, the entire request gets pasted into the field, but you can still modify it. After modifications have been applied, you can also save it either as a new saved query using "Save As" option:

    ... or you can update the request you have performed and modified with "Update" option:

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